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Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Arkansas Supplemental Security Income Attorney

Facts About SSI

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a type of monthly payment granted to qualifying persons. It is administered by the Social Security Administration but is a separate program from social security disability (SSD). Generally, it is paid to those that have a low income and few resources. 


If you are considering applying for SSI, it can improve your chances for success to have the assistance of a qualified Arkansas social security disability lawyer. I can work to ensure you are qualified and that your claim is properly filed.


The basic amount a person is paid by SSI is standard throughout the U.S. In certain cases, our state may be able to add to the benefits you receive. At Angel Disability Law, I personally work to ensure that your case is given the priority it deserves and that you receive the full income allowable by the law. 


In order to see if you are qualified, the Social Security Administration is going to look at two major areas; your income and the resources that you currently have. I use my legal experience towards making certain that the information supplied to the government is complete, accurate and will help to make your case.

Income and Resources

By income is meant wages you receive, Social Security benefits and any pensions. It can also include food and shelter, in some cases. There are items such as food stamps, shelter you get from private nonprofit organizations, home energy assistance and others that will not count towards your income. 


If you are married, your spouse’s income will be part of what the Social Security Administration will review in order to determine eligibility.


The resources that will be looked at for eligibility are items such as cash, stocks and bonds, bank accounts and real estate holdings. In most cases your vehicle, the home you live in and the land it is on, burial plots and life insurance up to a certain amount, will not be considered a resource. 


Obtaining SSI can significantly improve the quality of your life and your financial security. I would like to assist you in achieving this worthwhile objective.

Contact an Arkansas Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Attorney when you have any questions concerning SSI and how to obtain it.