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Appealing the Claim

Social Security Appeals Lawyer in Arkansas

Has your claim been denied?

With both Social Security Disability Benefits (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), it is not uncommon that first claims are denied or continued benefits are disallowed. 


At Angel Disability Law, I work hard to ensure you understand what your options are and how we can work together to obtain the benefits you require. With the use of a qualified Arkansas social security disability attorney, work can begin right away on the appeal of your denied claim.


Any denied claim can be appealed if it is done within a specified amount of time. The appeals process has four levels that I am fully prepared to go through, should it become necessary. 


The levels are:

  • A complete review of your case called a “reconsideration”
  • Hearing before an administrative law judge
  • A review by the Social Security’s Appeal Council
  • Filing of a lawsuit in Federal Court in order to resolve your case

I will be with you each step of the way, working towards the end goal of getting the benefits you deserve.

The Appeals Process

The first step of your appeal, the reconsideration, reviews all of the original evidence in your case plus any additional evidence that is provided. The reviewed is undertaken by an individual who was not part of the original decision on your claim. 


If your claim is still denied, a hearing can be requested on the matter. It will take place before an administrative law judge who was not involved in the original decision or reconsideration of your case. At the hearing, the judge can question you or any witnesses on your behalf and I can represent you at this hearing.


If the hearing is not satisfactory in getting your benefits approved we can request a review by the Appeals Council. There are various options that this council has in deciding to take your case and they may send your case back to the administrative law judge for further review. 


The final step, if necessary, is to file a lawsuit on your behalf in the proper federal district court. Your benefits are important to you and that is why I use my decades of legal experience to pursue the outcome you desire.

How Long Does it Take for SSD Appeal?

Depending on the type of appeal that is filed, the SSD appeal may take longer or shorter.



There are 4 types of appeals:

  • Request for Reconsideration: 3 to 6 months
  • Administrative Law Judge Hearing: 12 to 18 months
  • Appeals Council Review: 1 year
  • Civil action via Federal District Court: several months


The request for reconsideration typically takes the shortest amount of time because it must be requested within 60 days of the denial date. A reconsideration examiner will be assigned to the case and may need to request additional information from the individual, so it may take them some time to do their investigation, however, the most common result is another denial.


If you disagree with the decision in the reconsideration, you may request a hearing before an administrative law judge. This type of appeal is typically successful for claimants.

Contact an Arkansas Social Security Appeals Lawyer when you need assistance in resolving an incorrectly denied SSD or SSI claim.