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Springdale Social Security Disability Lawyer

Filing A Claim

It can be a complex and sometimes frustrating experience for an individual to try to make a claim for Social Security benefits. Many times, it entails gathering large amounts of medical information, filling out forms of different types plus various worksheets. The majority of cases end up having their claims denied when they are filed for the first time. At Angel Disability Law, I have been serving our community since 1989 and take pride in knowing the laws pertaining to Social Security benefits and how to obtain them on your behalf.

There are two major programs that apply to most individuals who are seeking benefits. One is called Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI) and is designed to help those who are no longer able to work in any capacity. Supplemental Security Income or SSI is a monthly payment given to people who qualify for the program, such as those who are blind or have a low income and few resources. The first step I take is to find out if you are eligible for either of these two programs. By using a dedicated Springdale Social Security disability attorney, the process becomes simpler with bettered results for you.


Social Security Disability Attorney in Springdale


Once your eligibility is determined, I undertake the process of filing a claim that adheres to what the Social Security Administration wants in order to give their approval of your application. I ensure all needed information is gathered and presented in the proper fashion.

If a claim is denied, I act quickly to go through the appeals process towards the goal of securing the payments you are in need of. 

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