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Long Term Disability Benefits

If you are no longer able to work at your job, mentally or physically, and can’t be trained to do a new one, you may be eligible for benefits for a long term disability. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) was passed in order to provide protection for workers, like you, who participate in these plans. By having a proven Rogers Social Security disability lawyer prepare and file your claim for benefits, you can be assured it will be filed correctly which can work to your advantage if the insurance company tries to deny your claim.

At Angel Disability Law, protection for individuals eligible for ERISA benefits is just one of the many areas I have provided assistance in. I know these benefits can be vital to you and your family and keep this idea foremost when working on your claim. Since 1989, I’ve worked to establish the eligibility of individuals for Social Security benefits and ensure their claim is properly filed. When a claim is denied, I fight hard through the appeal process towards our common goal of obtaining the full benefits you deserve.


Social Security Disability Lawyer in Rogers


In two decades of experience I have learned how to successfully navigate through the bureaucracy of Social Security and this knowledge can pay great dividends to you. 

SSDI and SSI can help you greatly when you need it most. Many times, it just takes a professional who knows what he is doing and cares about the results, to assist you along the way.

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Get the knowledgeable help you need when pursuing Social Security by contacting Arkansas Social Security Disability Lawyer Mollie Angel.