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It frequently happens that an individual who is actually qualified for Social Security benefits ends up having their claim denied. Many times, this comes about because they did not have sufficient correct information to properly file their claim. Other times, the data, forms and process of Social Security can become too complex to follow. At Angel Disability Law, I want you to know that obtaining proper benefits does not have to be complex and there are effective ways to successfully resolve a denied claim.

I urge individuals who come to me to allow an effective Fort Smith Social Security disability attorney, such as me, to get involved early in their case. In this way, I frequently can prevent a claim from being filed that has little to no chance of being approved. If, however, your claim has been denied, we can still work together to achieve a favorable outcome. I am experienced in each of the 4 step process that an appeal of a denied claim can go through and what is required to be successful at every step. 

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Social Security Disability Attorney in Fort Smith


It is vital, when working on Social Security benefits, to make certain that you are fully qualified for either SSDI or SSI and that the full information to prove your eligibility is gathered and put in a useable form. This important function is one of the first actions I take to help you on the road to benefits.

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